EMPTIES: Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes

In the last few months, I have tried my fair share of make up wipes; however, I find myself constantly coming back to this one.  Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes is intended to be an age refreshing wipe: brightening and firming the skin. 

According to the website:

Yes to Blueberries naturally blends anti-oxidant rich fruits with special ingredients to help fight the signs of aging in only 4 weeks!
These special ingredients include:
Rich in anti-oxidants such as Vitamin C and Anthocyanins to help fight the formation of free radicals that can damage the skin's microstructure.

organic cotton thistle organic cotton thistle
Clinically proven to promote skin repair in 7 days by hydrating age damaged skin and helping boost natural collagen.

blueberry paracress flower
Clinically proven to restore and smooth skin and reduce fine lines in 28 days; firms and rehydrates the delicate skin around the eye to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow's feet.

Other listed beneficial skin ingredients:
  • Apples: provide collagen and elastin, both great for youthful skin. In addition, Braeburn apples contain ingredients that can protect you from harmful UV rays, one of the most damaging threats to healthy skin.
  • Lemon Peel: enhances skin, treats acne, and may protect against skin cancer.
  • Sweet Almond: provides UV radiation protection, moisturizes skin, improves skin tone and complexion, and aides in acne prevention.

Overall, the product was good and did it's job. But the ultimate question is would I repurchase it? And I would have to say..........

I fell in love with this product immediately.  The wipes are on the thicker side and took off most of my makeup with just one wipe.  In addition, I love the smell of this product and it actually does brighten up the skin noticeably.  I've actually bought these wipes at least 3 times and would definitely recommend them to anyone sick of their dull skin.
Yes to Blueberries Brightening Facial Towelettes retails for $7.99 at most drugstores, Walmart, and Target.

For more information on the mentioned ingredients: