Wednesday Wishes 7/31/13

So I know I haven't been consistent since the start of these posts, but I really have had a lot of personal things going on.  But I am happy to say, I have finally purchased one of the things from my wish list and it is the OCC Liptars from this post.  I ended up getting Rhythm Box and Jealous.  Haven't worn them yet but they swatched beautifully.

With that being said, these are what's new on my wish list:
Shakeology Shakes
So if you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I have been really trying to lose weight (something I will talk about in more detail on here.)  With my new interest in fitness and health, I have started to follow a lot more fitness accounts.  Shakeology is something I have come across on several occasions and the reviews seem to be good, though it is probably because it is distributors that are trying to push their sales.  I really want to try it but I can't bring myself to pay the heavy price tag only to try their product. I mean if I don't like it then I am out of 100 plus dollars and that is something I just can't afford.

Polar FA20 Activity Watch
While this watch would be a dream to have, I would be perfectly happy with one of the 30 dollar calorie counter watches at Walmart. Main reason this is even on my wish list is because when I am doing other workout activities that don't have a calorie counter on it (like the treadmill and elliptical), I would like to know how many calories I am burning.  The reason I listed this particular watch is that it is so detailed with it's tracking. Check it out on their website.

(picture credit to
MAC's Lime Ice Pressed Pigment
When I originally saw this color, I didn't think anything of it.  But when I saw it swatched by @misz_sanabria on Instagram, I immediately fell in love with it.  While it is not a color I would probably wear that often, being a makeup junkie doesn't seem to factor that in as an issue.  It is a glittery, aqua green color but on the Temptalia site, it looks more frosty silver to me.  Either way it is on my wish list because it hasn't been released yet, it is part of their Fall 2013 collection.
Ouidad Curl Co-Wash
Quidad is a product that I have received plenty of samples of in my Sephora orders but never really took the time to use or read for that matter.  I just assumed it was something for finer hair than mine.  I saw a picture of a girl who used it and immediately made a mental note to put on my Sephora shopping list.  I have never used a co-wash specific product. Usually, I do a co-wash with whatever available conditioner I have and I usually avoid combo shampoo/conditioners.  But this product seems to have everything I look for in a conditioner with a cleansing factor without it being a shampoo.  Next Sephora trip, I will definitely be adding this too my cart.
Zoya Pixie Dust Fall 2013 Collection
I have been a Zoya fan for quite some time but I haven't bought from them in a couple of years.  Mainly because with a 8 month old, painting nails is a lot of work. But I have been seeing picture after picture of their Pixie Dust polishes and I must admit they have me hooked.  Originally I just wanted Sunshine (blue) and Carter (purple), but after going on the site I want the all now.  Maybe my desire to do my nails will be coming back soon:-)

So that is my wish list for this week, hopefully I can keep the ball rolling more consistently from now on