Wish List Wednesday 10/11/17

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It has been an interesting week thus far. Some ups and downs but I have made it to another Wednesday. 

A few things have sparked my interests this week, so here is what I am wishing for:

I mentioned last week that I love a good coat.  So of course with fall being here and a move on the horizon, I have been looking at more fall/winter items.  This particular coat popped up on my Pinterest feed.

Before we moved, I had a plaid coat that I left behind at my parents house.  I later found out that my mother got rid of it.  Needless to say, I was less than pleased with the news. But I love the design of this jacket and the price is pretty nice.  

Unfortunately, it seems there is only a limited quantity and my current body measurements don't fit into the available sizes. So maybe this will make it into my shopping cart once I drop some of this Hawaii weight.

Sunset Dinner at the Top of Waikiki

Now, I have heard mixed reviews about the food at Top of Waikiki. That would probably make it odd that this is on my wish list as some place to go, especially since it isn't cheap.

But with so little time left on the island and many missed opportunities for date nights, I really want to try this place out for myself.  If anything I really just want the experience of siting in the rotating restaurant at sunset with my husband.  Maybe we will make it happen before we wish Hawaii farewell.

I am sure there is no surprise to see this on my wish list as a woman of color.  While finding a foundation in my skin tone hasn't been the biggest fiasco, it does come with its challenges.  

More than anything I want to form my own opinion on the product.  I have found different opinions on the product, so it would be nice to give it a try myself.

Two things have stopped me from making the purchase: 1.) the no a/c life makes it impossible to wear liquid foundation 2.) I am afraid my shade will change quite a bit after moving back to Georgia.

This will definitely be on my shopping list once I move back to the mainland and lose a bit of my Hawaii tan.

This came across my Facebook news feed in a sponsored post. There was a picture of a little girl riding this alongside her father on his stationary bike.  I thought it was a nice idea for those days that I need my son to burn off some extra energy before bed.  

I didn't realize at the time that it was an educational game of sorts.  Mixing learning with a little exercise can't be a bad idea, right?  According to Amazon and the reviews, the harder the kids pedal the more they learn.

Learning or not, if my son can burn off some energy without me having to be in the hot sun then Fisher-Price take my money! HAHA!

What have you been eyeing on the internet these days?