Two Month Weightloss Countdown: Day 7 (Cleanser Half Way Point)

Today marks the half way point of my 14 day cleanse.  It has been a disgusting journey, but I have lost some weight!

Now, I don't want to give off any false impressions that the Acai Berry Cleanse is the sole reason for the decrease in weight.  While my husband has been away, I have been able to avoid eating as much as I usually do. 

I will admit, I have no real self control or will power. When I do........well it is a surprise to everyone, myself included.  So when my husband left for the field this past week, I took advantage of not having to cook meals for a man who has an appetite of a teenage boy.  Akeem and I are like those Slimquick commercials where they man's weight loss is never an issue and the woman can never lose weight.

For five of the past 7 days, I have been doing the 2 meal substitute concept.  The first two days that I did it, I used the Slim-Fast shakes.  I substituted my breakfast and dinner with them.  The other days I used the Equate (Walmart brand) version.  Today I only substituted breakfast because before I got to dinner I was way under my calorie count according to My Fitness Pal tracker.  So I ate a Lean Cuisine meal since I was too lazy to cook after the gym.
So far I have lost 4.4 pounds.  With the exception of today and a short walk on Monday, I have not worked out during the first half of this cleanse.  Obviously at my weight, 4 pounds is not going to be noticeable but it is progress.

Tomorrow will be the true test because now my husband is home and I will be going back to cooking regularly.  I will have to find a compromise on what we eat because I refuse to cook two different meals.  However, the good thing about him coming back (in relation to my weight loss) is that I can now go back to the gym while he watches our son.  I hate the outdoors and working out outside during the summer is not really my cup of tea.

Today, my exercise consisted of walking, leg press, sprints, and lat pull downs.  Also, just an F.Y.I. I weigh myself in the morning before I eat anything.  Just thought I'd share that little tidbit with y'all.

Until my next post.........I wish anybody else trying to lose weight good luck!