Two Month Weightloss Countdown: Day 14-Day 16

So last Thursday marked the 14th and final day of my cleanse.  But because I missed one complete day and a half, my cleanse ended on Saturday.  Ultimately, I lost a total of 5.4 pounds by the end of the cleanse

My weight at the beginning of day 14 (it says 201.6, sorry about the glare)

Since my last update, I have worked out a total of 5 days and averaged 1500 calories for the week.  I focused on cardio but add some strength training in their as well.

I feel like I see a difference in my weight but when I decided to take a "before" picture to post up at a later date.............well, let's just say I was very unhappy.  Tomorrow, I will hit the gym again and there is a new weight loss pill that I am trying and will be reviewing.  I need every bit of help I can get because my trip to Atlanta is closing in on me quick!

For more details on my workout, check out my instagram @chrystynsview. I will post again in a week with another update!

Day 15's weight
 Day 16 (final day of cleanse)