Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So I've never got a chance to try out any of his products, but I hear great things about this line all the time.  It's been a few months since I've bought anything from HauteLook, so I think now may be a good time:-)

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

On My Nails: China Glaze Cracked Concrete and Ulta Flamingo

So a few weeks ago, I went to Sally's and actually came across one of the Crackle nail polishes. I had stopped searching for them awhile ago since they were sold out for weeks, so I moved on to the Sally Hansen version (blog post coming soon).  However, I was pleased to finally try out the polish.  I got Cracked Concrete and painted it over Ulta's Flamingo.

In certain lights, the color looked a little on the green side.  But other than that, there isn't much for me to mention.  I'm kind of over the shatter/crackle phase at this point to be honest.  What about you?

(the label rubbed off in my purse, ooops)

(above image from foryoursalon.com)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

40 Pound Countdown: Protein Shakes

When I think of protein sharkes, I think of body builders and scrawny little boys being yelled at to bulk up by their crazy fathers.  So I avoided protein shakes for the longest because as a woman I want to get smaller not bigger.  However, during one of the few real conversations I've had with my father, he told me that protein shakes are actually a great way to lose weight.  So of course, I ran to the store and bought my first container of protein powder from Kroger. While I feel as though I've seen results, not all protein shakes are created equally.

According to eHow protein powders usually have one or a combination of the following proteins: egg, whey, soy, and rice. Of the four, soy is the most complete while whey is the most common. Whey protein is a low-fat byproduct of cheese made from milk, it also helps muscles recover after workouts (important for athletes and body builders). Soy protein is obviously derived from soy flour.  Compared to whey, soy protein is lower in calories and saturated fat and a great alternative for strict vegetarians. In my personal opinion, both are good and I don't really think you will lose going either way.  If you want it all, they do sell the powders with both (i.e. see above picture).

Now you can use protein shakes as a meal substitute, which can be an obvious way to lose weight.  However, when you do that I suggest you do your research.  Some products will try to suggest that the shake alone will make you lose weight.  In reality, it is often the fact that you are reducing your meal portions as well  your intake of calories and fat.  But when you do that you won't get all of the needed nutrients you would get in a well, balanced meal.  Don't get me wrong, I've tried my share of liquid substitutions.  But I feel as though you have to know what is in the substance you are drinking.  Check out if the sodium is high or the sugar.  Just because the calories are low or the fat, doesn't mean it is really doing anything for you in the long run.

I personally use protein shakes to help me maintain the muscle from my work outs and to help repair my body as well.  However, what you mix with you shake makes a difference as well.  You can use milk or water to make your shake.  I have used both and you can definitely tell the difference between the two.  Obviously water won't add to your calorie intake, but it doesn't taste as good.  I prefer to use milk.  I use 1% skim milk, which alone is nasty, but with it you get calcium and avoid most of the fat you get with whole or even 2% milk.

Also, I suggest a blender to mix your shakes.  While many advertise that the powder is easily mixed with any beverage by simply shaking it in a container, I often find it comes out chunkier than I would like.  The blender is going to give you a smoother taste and texture 

Now moving on from the obvious.....

So if you haven't tried protein powder during your weightloss journey, give it a try.  So far I have lost an inch off of my waist and hips in the last two weeks! Progress, progress, progress:-)

For some more information on soy and whey protein, check out the following sites:

Friday, July 15, 2011

On My Nails: Orly Fantasea

I've never been impressed with the formula of Orly.  While I think they have some great colors, I never fell like I get a decent amount of wear out of the polish.  Fantasea was no exception.

This color is beautiful in the bottle. A sort purple, pink iridescent color.  It isn't the most opaque polish but with 2 or 3 coats, you will get the true color.  While the color is pretty, I feel like in certain lights it looks better like in sunlight (or pictures).  Also, this polish wasn't the fastest drying formula either.

But with all of that aside, I hated that it didn't last long.  As you will see in the pictures, the tips of my nails were already fading and it had only been a day.  Fantasea is pretty and with Sally's always having sales on Orly nail polishes it isn't the worst nail polish investment, but I just wish it would last just a little longer.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

40 Pound Countdown: Fit Day Tracker

So a couple of weeks ago, I found out I am considered "obese" for my height.  Something about that word, as opposed to just being called fat, makes you feel worse about yourself as a person.  So between that and a few recent events, I have decided to really do something about this.  Now I know, I have talked about weight loss on and off for a while. But this time I mean business and I wanted to share my successes and failures as I try to lose almost 40 pounds to get within my "healthy" weight range.

In the week and a half that I have been on this weightloss journey, I have being using a website to help me.  It is called Fit Day. The concept is simple.  Bascially you track everything from what you eat, your weight, and your daily activities. 
I will be honest, some days it feels like a lot of work to enter in everything I ate.  However, what I love about the site is that it gives you perspective on how you are living your life.  Even if you are not a big calorie counter, it gives you insight for how much you are putting in your body and whether not you are doing enough to lose weight.

I suggest checking it out and they also have an iPod Touch/Phone app.  I used to have it before my iTouch got destroyed.  It's free and it's easier way to keep your tracker up to date.

Since the beginning of my 40 pound countdown I have gone from 203 to 196.8.  So hopefully I will keep making progress:-)

Friday, July 8, 2011

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Fantasy Vs. Reality: Life as a Modern Woman

Raised with Disney princesses and a mother who taught me more rational lessons than emotional, it was anyone's guess how my brain would function as a grown woman.  It seems that many women, including myself, have been raised to see the reality of life and not the fantasies of what life could be.  Taught to be independent, not to depend on men, chivalry is dead, and to always be suspect of our men, it is no surprise that divorce seems to be so high in our generation.  When did being a woman of this century mean we should give up the idea of Prince Charming or to think that love is not enough to get married? When did being a woman mean that we have to sacrifice our dream of one thing for the reality of another?

My eyes glaze over at the thought of the numerous conversations I've had with my mother about the shadiness of men, the horrors of marriage, staying independent, and making sure I know how to hold on to a good guy.  I grew up secretly wanting the ideal guy and the ideal life (who doesn't), but I focused on the reality that finding a good man was hard and that I would have better luck finding a good job.  Now, I sit here approaching the end of a chapter of my life, wondering if I even get a taste of a childhood dream in the next chapter.

I sit at work listening to the thoughts of my fellow, female coworkers.  Maybe it is their ages or maybe it is our generation, but no one really talks about love with blind faith.  Love is treated like a cherry on top of a sundae, if it's there great but if not you still have everything else. It's like love has gone down in value.  I get asked why I want to marry my boyfriend and when I reply that I love him, I get blank stares and responses of, "and what else?"

Never the one to be a romantic and I doubt many of my friends would say I am an openly emotional person, I am somewhat baffled at the idea that love and marriage have become so meaningless to so many.  I never dreamed of my wedding as a kid (probably because I honestly thought I'd have a few of them due to a couple of divorces......seriously).  But amusingly enough, as I talk with friends and coworkers about marriage and love, I feel myself getting softer.  Something I probably won't admit out loud and really beyond this post, but I want a wedding, a real wedding.  Not because I am so gun ho about planning one, but because I want to have that one day to show my friends and family my love for my man.

But reality is a bitch...

As I think about my little sister as my maid of honor or my father actually putting his feelings aside and walking me down the aisle, I pause and reality starts to sink in.  My mother constantly asks me if I want to get married now because I am fearful of my boyfriend leaving me or because I really want to.  Many thoughts run through my head every time she asks and then I feel reality dominating over fantasy.  I am ready for marriage, but with recent events and a boyfriend in the Army, I don't really have the luxury of wallowing in the fantasy of an idealistic transition from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife. Because once I do, reality is that much harder to bare. Don't get me wrong, I will be happy to be married to Akeem no matter how we get there; however, it just won't be the way I would of dreamed.

Maybe that is why so many women have the beliefs that they do in this day and age.  Because if you always think in fantasy, reality is going to turn out much worse than you can imagine.  However, I find myself submitting to love more than to the realities of modern day womanhood.  I have seen both sides of the fence.  I choose to live my life in reality but I keep fantasy in my pocket like a secret chocolate stash because who doesn't love chocolate and it isn't bad for you in small doses:-)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Rant and a Sehora/Ulta Haul

The Story of an Army Girlfriend: The Waiting Game (Fiance Wannabe)

It has taken me almost a week to write this post.  Everytime I started it, something would happen to make me want to change my story.  After last night, I had to delete the post and start all over.  My thoughts on waiting have not changed, I still hate it.  However, I have started to look at my own situation with a new perspective. 

Last night, I got on Facebook and saw a status from a old college friend.  Her boyfriend has recently finished his basic and AIT. I've said this before NOT EVERY SOLDIER'S RELATIONSHIP IS THE SAME (but sometimes it is hard to listen to your own words when you see something that makes you feel like you are doing something wrong)! Anyways, back to the status. My friend's Facebook status mentioned wedding plans.  I was suprised to find myself slightly upset by this.  It was odd because since I graduated high school, I can't tell you how many times my minifeed has lit up with wedding announcements, but for the first time I was jealous. 

Jealousy is an embarassing thing.  It is even more embarassing when you are only 23, living in an era of the "independent woman," and you are whining about marriage. But there I was getting in the car to go see my boyfriend, venting and ranting on the phone to my best friend.  I seriously lost my mind for a moment.  Akeem and I have talked about marriage plenty of times, we were looking at rings before our short breakup.  But the thought that another army girlfriend was "officially" engaged before I was and her relationship hadn't been through half the stuff mine had been through and that they had been together a shorter period of time....well it made me crazy.

Sanity Check.......

After venting to my best friend for a couple of minutes, I started to realize that I was upset about how my relationship was playing out.  I had never been the type of girl who dreamed of a fantasy wedding or an over the top proposal, but for a moment I wanted those things and seeing another girl in a similar position being one step closer than myself made me want it more. I don't know her relationship with her fiance and it was horrible for me to compare hers to mine, but when you are waiting for someone in the military......you have your moments of insecurity.  Unfortunately, mine turned into a moment of insanity.

When I finally got to the hotel to see Akeem, I was still in a foggy state.  I told him how I felt and what I said and he kind of laughed.  But it was a good thing, cause that was nonsense.  My relationship is far from perfect, but it fits me perfectly. I may never receive a crazy romantic proposal or have an ideal wedding, but I'm okay with that.  In the last 8 years, I have placed myself in horrible relationships and put up with sorry treatment from men.  With all of my game playing days behind me, I don't mind playing this waiting game with Akeem because it feels like a game I've already won................though a nice ring would be a great prize to show for it:-) HAHA!

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