Monday, March 31, 2014

Deployment Weightloss: End of March Weigh In and Motivational Monday

Monday is such a funny day to me.  People usually dread the start of a new week and often people use it as the starting day for a new diet or workout plan.  I have been guilty of that too.  It is as if we need an excuse to live one more day poorly before we start or if Monday is truly a restart to our life.

Here is a secret, you can make changes any day of the week. I know it is crazy, but you could of started making changes yesterday. HAHA! However, today marked my final weigh in for the month.  My goal was to be at 180 by today.  On the 15th, I weighed 185.8.  So 180 didn't seem like such a ridiculous goal.

Unfortunately, I fell short of my goal.  I was slightly disappointed but not entirely surprised.  This past week wasn't my best week.  While I wasn't exactly filling myself with junk food, my food choices weren't always on point. Plus, I wasn't really working out like I would of wanted to due to various excuses. 

However, I am not going to beat myself up. I have started to see changes in my body. Though at times if I look too long in the mirror, I find myself picking out every flaw and everything I do hate about myself.  Still working on that self love aspect.  But trying to eat better and working out is apart of that, right? 

Recently, I have started "juicing" with the Nutribullet.  I am in love with it. I tried true juicing before and it was a fail.  The pieces of the machine are currently stashed away in an unused cabinet.

Monday is the start of a new week, but Monday doesn't mark the start of my journey.  I try pushing myself every day to improve myself for the betterment of my marriage, my son, and myself.  I didn't meet my goal this time but I will bust my ass to get the next one.  It is the half way point of this deployment and crunch time for me.  While everyone is worried about being summertime fine, I am worrying about homecoming. 

Today, I am starting to feel the effects of my work. I feel more energy (which is also contributed to vitamins) and I don't fell like I am dragging.  Having a one year old boy sucks the life out of you so quickly, but I may actually be able to make it through this day with out a nap.  Non-scale victory anyone? HAHA!

My next weigh in will be April 15th and my goal will be 175.  I have also started my third (and possibly last) bottle of Slimquick.  I will post a review once I have finished this bottle.  But so far it does seem to be better than the formula they had before.

For more updates on my weight loss journey, feel free to follow me on Instagram, Fitbit, or My Fitness Pal.

So what is motivating you through this Monday?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Wishes 3/26/2014

Another Wednesday has arrived and my wish list has grown. While there are quite a few fitness related things I have had my eyes on, I have gotten in touch with the girlie side of me again.

This is my wish list for this week:
Blecker Preston Satchel in Colorblock Leather
I originally saw this bag in the mini version.  While the general style does look similar to more expensive brands, I am still in love with this purse.  I like it in several of the colors (mini and the bigger size).  Typically, I stick with brown and black bags, but I want to break away from my usually boring colors and get something more spring like. But with no job and little activity outside of the house that doesn't involve a diaper bag, I guess this will be on my wish list for awhile.
Modern Citizen Striped Leather Jacket
Pinterest is a dangerous thing, it makes you want to buy things that you don't need. pinned this jacket and I instantly wanted it.  I have a thing for jackets, especially with this inconsistent weather.  My goal when my husband returns is to make more of an effort in my appearance and this jacket would definitely be a good start. My only issue with it is the fact that it looks kind of short. I prefer longer jackets because my torso is short and my legs are long, so I always want to even it out with my clothes.  
TRX Home Kit
I want this so badly.  Recently, I have seen so many great workouts with the suspension ropes and the fact that you can do them at home only makes me want to try it more.  To order the kit from the site is almost $200, but it seems so worth it if I can get the body of some of the people I have seen use this system.  
  A Waist Trainer
image from 
After my son was born, I did use a body shaper to help pull my stomach in a bit and I started using a waist slimmer during my work outs. There was a difference (to me anyways) in the appearance of my stomach after their use. With a lot of thought and some research, I decided I wanted to invest in a waist trainer.  While I am not trying to achieve some unrealistic or ridiculously small waist (because I don't think that is the safest thing for your body), I do want to pull in my waist a bit. the only reason it is on my wish list is because several of the companies I have checked into already have hit or miss customer service.  If I am going to pay good money, I don't want to wait weeks for my product.
 Beats by Dre Wireless Headphones in Light Blue
I kind of want to kick myself for missing out on getting these headphones. My dad had offered to buy me some wireless headphones last month.  But my dumb behind didn't realize that my iPod had Bluetooth, so I passed. The main reason I want these is because they are wireless.  Doing weights can sometimes be annoying when there is a cord constantly getting in your way from your headphones.  Oh well, maybe I will suck it up and buy them for myself when my current headphones blow out.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Deployment Weightloss: 365 Complete Body Cleanse Review

During my quest to eat healthy (and completely disregard my wallet), I shopped at Whole Foods frequently. Since I had poor luck finding any new cleanses outside of the Acai one I have done several times, I thought Whole Foods would have a new one for me to try.

Whole Foods had quite a few options of cleanses and detoxes.  After looking at box after box, I finally settled on the Whole Foods brand of their Complete Body Cleanse.
The 365 Complete Body Cleanse consists of 3 pills: herbal regularity laxative formula, milk thistle liver cleanse, and cleansing fiber blend.

According to the Whole Foods website, the cleanse "is meticulously formulated for healthy digestion, system support and weight maintenance."

I usually do some sort of a cleanse when I decide to kick start another attempt at weight loss.  However, I was not expecting all the pills and honestly didn't know what each one was for when I started.

Herbal Regularity Laxative: This pill is to help cleanse the body of accumulated waste in the intestines The ingredients included in this particular pill are magnesium hydroxide, slippery elm bark, marshmallow root, fenugreek seeds, burdock root extract, peppermint leaf, fennel seed, ginger extracts, and red clover.  All together the pill is supposed to help promote smooth bowel movements, circulation, and healthy digestive systems.
 The size of the laxative compared to a quarter

Milk Thistle Liver Cleanse: This pill contains milk thistle, artichoke, dandelion, licorice and silymarin. This combination of ingredients helps to promote bile production and remove bacteria and other toxins from the liver and gall bladder.

Cleansing Fiber Blend: The last bottle of pills contains psyllium, oat bran, guar gum, pectin, and marshmallow root.  The combination of ingredients helps to push out toxins with ease, regulate digestive flow, and soften stool. Fiber binds to toxins and removes them from the body.

With all of that information, question is do the pills do anything?

I have mentioned before that I HATE two week cleanses. As if the bathroom visits weren't enough, two weeks of it is enough to make you rethink the process.  However, this cleanse wasn't too bad as far as me having to go to the bathroom.

In fact, the cleanse was relatively gentle compared to some cleanses I have taken in the past.  My biggest issue with this cleanse is the amount of pills and instructions:
  • The Cleansing Fiber Blend requires you to take four pills in the morning and four pills before bed for two weeks. However, if you do forget to take the pills in the morning, the box does instruct that you may take 8 at night as long as you don't do it daily.
  • The Herbal Regularity Formula requires you take three pills before bed for the first week and two pills before bed the second week.
  • The Milk Thistle Liver Cleanse requires that you take one at night for the first week, then one in the morning and two at night the second week.
I will be honest, there were some days I really struggled with the pills.  When transitioning days (from week one to two), I missed a pill or two. 

Usually, swallowing pills is not an issue for me, but even I had to take a second look at the pills when I first opened the bottles. The pills seemed rather large, so if pill swallowing is an issue for you then you may want to reconsider this cleanse.

As far as my diet and exercise routine during the cleanse, I didn't have one.  I tried to make better food choices but was not always a success and at the time, I was too exhausted from work and my son to workout.  So those are things that factored into my weight results.
 My beginning and second week weight
The end result

 Ultimately, I didn't lose any weight. Instead I gained about half a pound.  That is the thing with a cleanse, it isn't going to offset a bad diet or you not exercising.  Therefore, if you are looking for a cleanse to be your solution for weight loss without any other work, then you may want to rethink that hope.

However, the cleanse wasn't a complete loss.  First off, it did make me feel lighter in regards to cleaning out my digestive system. Also, I did feel a bit of a cleansed feeling but I can't quite explain that in words.  

In the end, this cleanser is something I sit on the fence with about doing it again.  While I think a different routine would probably make the cleanse more of a success, it is the amount of pills and the amount of time that keeps me on the fence.  I do plan to do another cleanse at the end of April/beginning of May. Since I have changed my eating habits and started working out more, I may reconsider doing this cleanse then.

I personally think if you are looking for just a cleanse to help clear your bowels, then there are other cleanses that you may want to look into.  The Complete Body Cleanse is for someone looking for a serious detox of their body's entire system (hence the name), not just to get rid of a little bit of bloat from infrequent bowel movements. 

If I do the cleanse again, I will be sure to post my results for you.  If you would like to see my current eating and workout habits, feel free to check out my food/exercise diary here.

*This cleanse was taken in January, I apologize for the delayed review.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday Wishes 3/19/14

Recently, I realized that several of the things on my wish lists have fabricated themselves into a reality.  Grant it, most of them have been things that were bought.  However, I am starting to really believe in this whole putting what you want out there and making them happen.

On that note, I have lost 30 pounds as of my last weigh in since after the birth of my son.  I said I was going to lose weight and this time, it is really happening.

Now on to my wishes for this week:

Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil
I had stretch marks before and definitely more after my pregnancy.  Now, I know you can't get rid of stretch marks, but if I could just minimize their appearance I would be thrilled.  While the reviews on this have been good for the most part, it is hard to choke up the $57 for something that some of the reviews make me think maybe this won't be strong enough for my stretch marks.  But when you have stretch marks, you always want to try anything to get rid of them, or is that just me?

Fitbit Aria
The first time I saw the Aria was when my parents convinced me to get the Fitbit Force for my early Christmas/birthday gift.  I didn't think much about it, especially since I already have a bathroom scale.  However, now that my determination to lose weight is at an all time high, I have been trying to be more accountable for how I eat and working out.  What I like about this scale is that it syncs with my Fitbit app which is also linked with my My Fitness Pal app.  Plus, I like that it helps keep track of your goals with weight and BMI.  It isn't something I need, but that is why it is a wish.

The Perfect Black Blazer
Anytime I go to look for clothes for a possible or current job, I always find cute shirts that I know will require a blazer to be work appropriate.  Every time I try to find a blazer, it is a fail.  Even when I am willing to put a bit more money into it.  Unfortunately, the blazer is never long enough, the sleeves are too short, or it is just not fitted enough. Usually, it is a combination of all three.  I just want to find that perfect black blazer to go over a cute shirt or even dress up some jeans. So until I do, this will be on my wish list for awhile. 
For My Growing Baby Fever........TO GO AWAY!
So I have already submitted to the idea of having a second child.  However, with everything going on and my crappy first pregnancy, I am not in too much of a rush.  For some reason, there is a bet that my husband will be the first to get his wife pregnant upon return from this deployment.  I plan to be back on birth control long before his return.  With that being said, there are moments where I do want to go ahead and have another baby. But reality crashes on me and I know that is not something I need at this time. I want to enjoy my husband being home and being able to have sex.  Pregnancy wasn't good to either one of those.  But all this time with my son and his charming little personality, it is messing with my biological clock. So my last wish for this week is that this baby fever would go away..........for now. 

So what are you wishing for?

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