Saturday, April 30, 2011

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Like Perfective Ceuticals Facebook Page - Sponsored Post
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

1000 Subscribers Giveaway Winner!

So I know that I should have made this announcement awhile ago, but I've been going through some things.  Hence why I'm doing a blog post as opposed to a video.  So after using, I have selected a winner! Unfortunately, the initial winner did not follow the rules (was not a follower of this blog), so I guess she won't miss this post. 

However, when I used again, I was thrilled to see a familiar name pop up after the number was selected.  So congrats.............

The Sushi Sex!

So send me your information chica to my email address!  Congrats again:-)

The Story of an (Ex) Army Girlfriend: The End (?)

They say in the end, you think about the beginning.  Which seems like an appropriate thought after a breakup.  In the beginning, you were happy and oblivious to any obstacles that would face you as a couple. The beginning allows you to see past what lead to the breakup and remember how happy you were because the end means that the joy is gone and who wants to be depressed, right?

It's funny how you find yourself claiming you never saw a breakup coming even when there were signs.  The end may not have happened like you would of imagined or even liked, but deep down you knew it was coming.

I look at the span of my relationship and wonder if there were signs that I missed or just ignored.

The night of my breakup, I focused on every argument we ever had, the distance, and all the things HE did wrong in our relationship.  Whatever could help me feel nothing about the end.  For days I allowed myself to relish in those thoughts because I knew that was the only way I could walk away from this relationship unscathed.

My roommate told me that maybe the only reason my relationship lasted this long was because of the distance.  The distance allowed us to focus on missing each other and not the things that annoyed us the most about each other.  I thought maybe it was true, maybe we weren't meant to continue our relationship into his military career.

After days of spiteful actions and hateful texts, I was beginning to pack (moving this weekend) and finding more and more of his stuff.  I've always had the most delayed reactions when it comes to emotions, and this was no exception: I found myself crying.

I won't go into the boring details of what happened next, but I can say that I am in a better place about my break up.  Akeem and I talked that night and it was good.  We both know there were things wrong with our relationship, things that we really needed to work on individually before we could really think about marriage.  As much as I wanted to blame him for the events leading up to our breakup, I know that I deserved equal blame in exhausting our relationship.

I know it will amuse some of my ex boyfriends that I have, once again, become single and that all of his "groupies" are thrilled that I am out of the picture. However, I try not to let it phase me.  I love Akeem and I always will. I think that he came in my life for a reason and I plan for him to stay there. I don't want to let this post end on some cliche note of "one day" this and that, but given everything that has happened...........I think my exes and his groupies should keep their rejoicing to a minimum.

Cause maybe one day........:-)

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

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Friday, April 22, 2011

25% of Entire Purchase With Tarte Earth Day Sale

Tarte is having a sale right NOW! 25% off your entire online purchase, plus a free gift of the EmphasEYES Aqua-Gel Eyeliner in Plum with a purchase of $60 or more.  Just enter the code EARTHDAY2011 at checkout to get the discount. Sale ends on April 25th.  So click on the pic down below and check it out!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Sephora, MAC, HauteLook, Drugstore, ETC. Haul (4/20/11)

So this past weekend, I went to Atlanta and I decided to do a little retail therapy.  Plus, I finally got my package from the Urban Decay HauteLook event from a few weeks ago. This is what I got:

  Apocalyptic Nail Kit from Urban Decay (HauteLook)
 Carol's Daughter Khoret Amen Hair Oil (Macy's) and Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner (Sephora)

 Urban Decay Eyeshadow Gash (HauteLook)
 Color Burst Lipglosses by Revlon (L) Strawberry (R) Sunset Peach (Walmart)
 (L to R) Sally Hansen "Blu," Essie "Sew Psyched," Sinful Colors "Mint Apple," "Frenzy," "Nail Junkie"

 Lustreglass in Love Nectar (MAC)
 Sheertone Blush in Flirt and Tease (MAC)
 Sephora by OPI (Diva-In-Training) and Sinful Colors (Hazard)

I also picked up Sephora by OPI in Mash Up but I gave it to my sister. Been on a serious nail polish kick lately.

On My Nails: Finger Paints Dahlia My Number

So I picked up this polish from Sally's and didn't think much about it afterwards.  It came with a little flower ring, that I personally thought was ugly.  However, I decided to paint my nails with this color the other day and I LOVE it! I think Finger Paints nail polish doesn't get that much love.  But they are really good polishes.

Dahlia My Number was very opaque and long lasting. It is from the Limited Edition Palette of Petals Collection. This orange-coral color is great for spring and summer.  It has a bit of a shimmer, but it is very subtle.  After wearing this color, it makes me want to try more Finger Paints polishes. Also, they are cheaper than China Glaze and I often find them on sale at Sally's.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

EMPTIES: Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner

So I'm starting to realize most of my empty posts are going to be about hair, nail and skin products.  Just a random observation.

I bought this particular bottle of leave-in conditioner back in the fall from Walmart.  It retailed for about $4.50.  Basically I needed a leave in conditioner, and I remembered using something from Aussie before (though I'm not sure if it was this particular product).  So I figured I'd give this a try.

According to the Aussie Website, this leave in conditioner/stay in protection is......

Infused with natural Australian Silk Protein, Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner Spray keeps long hours, hydrating and smoothing strands with conditioning that you don’t have to wash away.

Now, the first thing you will notice about this product is the smell.  It has a fruity smell to it, but it is not overwhelming.  Though I have mixed feelings about fragrances in hair products, something about this particular smell just enhances the product.

The product is not what I call natural, despite it's fruity scent.  It has several ingredients in it that are good for your hair though and I wanted to make note of them.
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice: Aussie states that is a Austrialian aloe. Aloe-derived ingredients enhance the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness. I didn't find anything about benefits for the hair, so I would assume this is only for the healing of the scalp.
  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract: Improves the strength of hair and avoid epilating (hair loss) in hair care products.
  • Amodimethicone: Ingredients that enhance the appearance and feel of hair, by increasing hair body, suppleness, or sheen, or by improving the texture of hair that has been damaged physically or by chemical treatment.
  • Cetrimonium Chloride: Prevent or inhibit the buildup of static electricity. Also, it helps to cleanse the skin or to prevent odor by destroying or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and by helping water to mix with oil and dirt so that they can be rinsed away.
I used this spray every time I washed my hair.  It helped condition my hair, especially when I was transitioning.  Hair Insurance left my hair soft and manageable, which is something we all want in our hair care products.

Overall, the product was good and did it's job.  But the ultimate question is would I repurchase it? And I would have to say..........


For the price and the results, I would definitely say this product is worth buying.  It may not be a holy grail product, but it is definitely worthy of being repurchased again.

Product is available at Ulta, Walmart, and other drugstores
For more information on ingredients in your hair care products, check out

On My Nails: OPI Louvre Me Louvre Me Not

No long explanation today.  I reached for a color that I hadn't used in a while and Louvre Me Louvre Me Not is what I picked out.  I bought it from the JCPenney Salon some time ago and hadn't showed it much love since.  It is a true royal/grape purple.  Deep enough for the cooler season, but bold enough for the warmer months too:-)


Sephora and Zoya Online Haul (4/12/11)

L to R Reva, Tanzy, Tamsen, and Mitzi

Got 4 polishes from the Zoya BOGO event.  Reva and Tanzy are from the Sunshine Collection, Tamsen is from the Summertime Collection, and Mitzi is from the Mod Mattes Collection.  Most of the colors from the collection looked like colors that I already owned, so I went with these.  I wanted all three of the Mod Matte colors but Temptalia didn't give them the best reviews.


(L to R Peachy Orange and Mauve)

I picked up these blushes because they were having a sale on Sephora.  The Korres blushes retail for $24 but I got these for $10 each.  They aren't quite the same consistency as the original one I bought in November (orange brown), but I'll have to really test them out to see.

I got this set with my 500 beauty points.  Lately, I have been disappointed with the 500 point rewards, but this one seemed worth it, especially after I saw another YouTuber show it on one of her hauls.  It is the Smashbox Perfectly Polished Lids set. It comes with a cream eyeliner in Midnight Brown, an eyeshadow trio in Vanilla, Champagne, and Brazilian Bronze, a Photo Finish Lid Primer (mini size), and a Lash DNA Mascara (mini size).  Basically the essentials for a every day eye look.

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