Thursday, January 26, 2012

On My Nails: OPI Swimsuit... Nailed It!

While at Kroger's, I noticed a display of OPI nail polishes on the makeup aisle.  I was a little surprised, but decided to take a quick look through the display.  The first thing I noticed, was that there was a Miss Universe collection (launched June 2011).  There were several colors I wanted to pick up, but in my attempt to be good I put them back. 

However, there was one I found myself unable to put back.  Swimsuit...Nailed It! reminded me a lot of another nail polish I owned, Absolutely Alice, from the Alice in Wonderland collection in 2010.  It may seem strange that I bought a polish similar to one I already have, but I assumed like my Mad as a Hatter polish that Absolutely Alice was also dried out.

Absolutely Alice is a blue and silver shimmer. Swimsuit...Nailed It! is an electric blue shimmer and while mine did not dry matte, it didn't necessarily dry with the same shine as a creme polish.  I love this color, but I'm sure it isn't the easiest to find (according to a few blogs).  Therefore, I definitely recommend searching online.

One more thing, I would highly recommend using a base coat with Swimsuit...Nailed It! because it will stain your nails pretty badly.

After a lot of scrubbing with nail polish remover, it looked worse when I initially took of the polish.

 Swimsuit...Nailed It! (left) and Absolutely Alice (right)
 Swimsuit...Nailed It! (left) and Absolutely Alice (right)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

On My Nails: Ulta Tutu Cute and NYX Purple Ave.

I noticed that mylar nails have become the new nail trend.  While looking through the Sephora site a few weeks ago, a nail set by Nail Inc. caught my eye.  While I did eventually pick up the set, I ran across a few sites that showed other and older bottles of the mylar type polish. 

After digging through some boxes of polishes, I found yet another polish I had shown no love and it happened to fit this very trend.  I purchased NYX's Purple Ave. from Cherry Culture but when I received it (long ago), I realized it wasn't what I wanted.  Good thing I didn't throw it away:

It was kind of hard to tell in the pictures, but Purple Ave. has green mylar and the rest of the polish dries clear.  In the end, I thought it gave my plain Tutu Cute a bit more life.
without flash

with flash

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes

When I initially saw the commercials for L'Oreal's newest mascara with Gwen Stefani, I wasn't impressed.  It was probably the gold tube, which reminded me so much of the Voluminous Million Lashes, that originally discouraged me from purchasing the False Fiber Lashes.  To say the least, I hated the Million Lashes and I assumed I would hate this new mascara as well.

Boy, was I wrong.

Now, when I first pulled out the wand of this mascara, I was disappointed.  The brush didn't look like anything special and when I went to apply it, I didn't like how long the brush was compared to my eye.  I brushed on the mascara, still in the mindset to automatically hate it, I eventually fell in love after a few brush strokes. 

This mascara really does give you great volume and the look of false lashes.  After I had applied it to both eyes and looked in the mirror, I couldn't help but smile at myself.  Also, almost five hours after applying the mascara, my lashes still felt soft, which is something I have never noticed with any other mascara.  Usually my lashes are hardened within the hour after applying the mascara.

I would recommend picking  up this mascara, it is definitely something I will be repurchasing again.
 without mascara

with mascara


40 Pound Countdown: Take Two

Weight loss seems to be the most predictable New Year's resolution one can up with come January.  However, my desire to lose weight started back in May and after a few months of laziness and a scary reality, weight loss for me is more than some New Year's resolution.

Last May, I moved back in with my parents weighing in at about 203 pounds.  Seeing a 2 at the front of my weight was devastating and embarrassing.  I could hear my inner voice mocking me by reminding me how I always said I would never "get that big."  While my weight is not as noticeable to some people due to my height, it is something that plagues me every day.

By September, I had managed to get to about 186 before my car accident.  While I was going to the gym, my eating habits were nothing to brag about; therefore, I refrained from blogging about my weight loss.  After my accident and a few other events, I stopped working out.  But it wasn't until I moved up to Kentucky that I could feel the weight creeping back on me.

Between that comfort weight you hear so many women gain after getting married and a complete lifestyle change, I soon ballooned back up to 201 pounds.  I am extremely unhappy with my weight.  I hate how I look in my clothes and feel like I am unattractive.  While my husband tells me I'm beautiful without being prompted every day, my insecurity about my weight definitely takes a toll on our relationship, which is a hard thing to swallow sometimes when we've only been married 3 months.

Despite the external effects of my weight, it is the internal that has truly given me a slap in the face, wake up call.  While sitting downstairs after eating dinner, I started having chest pains.  It felt like someone was stabbing me in the heart. Akeem quickly responded by asking if my arm was going numb, but it wasn't a heart attack.  I was having heartburn.While you hear about heart burn all the time, like it is something so minor like gas, for me it was kind of scary.

When we finally got the pain to pass, Akeem told me I needed to start working out again and we needed to work on our diet.  But I knew that already, the moment I started feeling the pain.  Unfortunately, that hasn't been the only time that has happened since the new year, but they just haven't been as severe.

High blood pressure and diabetes runs in my family, I didn't want to be the next one on the list.  So this is my do over, my attempt to lose 40 pounds (because for my height i about about 40 pounds overweight).  So once again, I will be posting about my weight loss.  This time I feel like I have more to lose.  In less than a year, we want to try for a baby.  I don't want to add more weight to the size I'm at and I want to be healthy enough to enjoy motherhood after my pregnancy.

So follow me (again) to my journey to lose 40 pounds:-)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Drugstore Haul 1/10/12

After seeing so many people talk about some of the new Maybelline products, I decided I had to make a trip to the store.  I stopped by Walmart first and was disappointed to find that all of the new Dream Bouncy Blushes were were sold out.  I managed to find a few of the Color Tattoo eyeshadows, but most of the colors were gone so I only picked up two.

A day later, I was watching a video by Emily Noel on Youtube, I learned about the new foundation that Maybelline had out as well.  So I decided to go to Walgreens, who unfortunately didn't have the purple shade that I wanted from the Tattoo collection but they did have the blush and foundation I was looking for on display.  So here is what I managed to pick up during my little drugstore haul:
Top Left: Pomegranate Punk, Top Right:Bad to the Bronze, Bottom Left: Audacious Asphalt, Bottom Right: Tough as Taupe
L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes in Blackest Black and Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape Vine
Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil
Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam in Caramel
Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Plum Wine

Sunday, January 8, 2012

On My Nails: Zoya Suvi

So I decided to once again, dig into my nail polish collection and try a color that I hadn't shown much love to but was still cold weather friendly.  I pulled out Suvi, another polish I got during a Zoya promotion (just like with Indigo).

Suvi is metallic, emerald color with a shimmer.  The color is perfect for the holiday season and just as great for afterwards:-)

I've had this polish for the longest, but refused to wear it because I had a weird thing about certain colored nail polishes (odd, since green is my favorite color).  But I love this polish and Zoya polishes dry so quick which is definitely a plus.  I even had a little girl compliment my nail color today. AWWWWWWWWWWW!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2 Free Polishes From Zoya!

Zoya is offering another great promotion: 2 free nail polishes just for the price of shipping!
The offer runs through January 9th, 11:59P.M. EST.
Don't forget to check out Indigo.

The Story of an Army Wife: Deciding to Work or Staying Home

As a college graduate, the decision to work versus stay at home seemed like a discussion I would never have with anyone. But i realize as an army wife, it was a discussion i would have with my husband and with myself.

While my father made a more than decent enough living to sustain a household of four, my mother didn't believe in being a housewife.  By the time I got to middle school, my mother quit her job so my sister and I could participate in extracurricular activities.  However, I soon remember my mom doing work from home after going back to her former employer for part time work.

That was almost 13 years ago.  Today, my mother is technically considered a "housewife" though she does some work with the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program, an organization that helps at risk youth by putting them in a boot camp like environment and helps them with educational programs.  My mother's position with the program comes by the fact that my father is a general in the Air National Guard, as well as a few of the other women on the board.

At the end of the day, my mother talks about returning to work on a regular basis.  Before I got married, she told me that she would stop talking to me if I ever became a housewife.  I reassured her that I would always seek employment.  However, it is going on 2 months since my move to Fort Knox and I'm starting to question my commitment to that promise.

Tomorrow, I start my first day of work.  While it is by no means my dream job, it is a paycheck and some since of independence.  However, the short road to this recent employment has brought forth a lot of drama and serious discussions between my husband and myself.

I went to college to study journalism.  Unfortunately, my need to pay off debts took me to jobs that were nowhere near my career aspirations.  However, I find amusement in the fact that I married a man in the army whose first duty station is in a small town.  Why is that amusing?  Because I always told myself I would never marry a man in the military for fear of getting stationed in a small town with no career opportunities for myself. 
After a few dead ends with several local jobs, Akeem and I had a talk about me working.  He told me that he was fine with me not working but that I needed to make up my mind about what I wanted to do.  I couldn't even believe I was considering not going to work, but something about focusing on building my blog and hopes of it branching into something more into the field of my degree seemed appealing.  We decided that in a year we want to try for kids and Akeem admitted for the first time that he would want me to stay home with our kid(s).

With my husband encouraging me to go back to school, my own personal debts still in the background, and the lack of potential for a career in this town.................the debate to work or stay home is constant in my head.

When I came to visit Akeem in July before we got married, I remembered being bothered by how many army wives didn't work.  However, after a few job interviews and continuous discussions with my husband I have come to realize that going to work is a complicated thing.  Between having to consider my husband's career (especially if the job I'm interviewing for already does; i.e. how long are you stationed here?) and what is available career wise in a small town; what is an army wife to do?

Guess we will see what will happen in a year:-)

Monday, January 2, 2012

December 2011 Favorites

On My Nails: Zoya Indigo

I discovered Zoya nail polishes a couple of years ago and immediately fell in love with their products.  Indigo was one of the first polishes I got from Zoya when they had a promotion of get 3 polishes for free for just the cost of shipping.

Indigo is a metallic, deep, navy blue with rainbow glitter.  Red and silver glitters are the most dominate but once the nail polish is applied to your nails there isn't much shimmer evident unless viewed under the right light, which is slightly disappointing.

Overall, I really like this nail polish and it is perfect for the cold season where darker nail polishes seem to be the preference for most.

Indigo retails for $8 at and is available at select salons.

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